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Self Lub

Self Lub Intimate Brightening Spray 100 ml - Mulberry

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  1. Balances pH - This intimate spray does not disturb the natural pH of the skin and balances it which in turn helps in maintaining the health of the skin.
  2. Brightens - Liquorice extract helps in brightening the skin and provides a fresh and soothing sensation.
  3. Moisturizes - The Aloe Vera extract & Rose Water in the spray provide hydration to the skin as well as heal the damaged skin barrier of the area.
  4. Reduces Inflammation - The Witch Hazel present in the spray helps in relieving the inflammation and protects the area from infection or rashes.
  5. Fresh Fragrance - The spray contains a long-lasting fragrance and has the subtle note of Mulberry and Lavender to allow the intimates to smell fresh all day long.

This intimate spray balances the natural pH of the skin without disturbing the alkalinity of the skin.

It reduces the inflammation of the skin and brightens it naturally by healing the skin from within. The soothing fragrance of mulberry keeps the skin and the area fresh throughout the day.

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