Self Lub aims towards driving people to love themselves and their bodies. Every person is unique in their own special way. They deserve to love themselves in their own unique way. The company aims towards achieving that awareness where everyone loves themselves.

We believe that self care is the utmost form of self love. However, intimate care and hygiene is always ignored because of the stigma and shame attached to it. We aspire to break the stigma attached to the menstrual and sexual well-being of every individual.The society condemns sexual and intimate care. Every time an individual silently ignores their intimate and sexual discomfort for the ingrained belief that it is not important, toxicity in society wins.

Therefore, the motto of our company is, “The Love We Deserve”. Because we deserve to love ourselves in any way we want. Every time an individual addresses their intimate and sexual well being, we take a step towards a society of tolerance and love. A society, where nobody is shamed for talking about their sexual      well-being, where young boys and girls are taught to voice their bodily concern, a society where there is no stigma. These are no lofty goals. They are rather within our grasp if we all take a step towards it, for every small step counts. Our company is designed to provide products that address countless concerns related to one’s sexual, intimate and menstrual well-being. They are made from natural ingredients to stabilize our body pH. Our products are designed to keep the comfort of our users in mind.  Here, at Self Lub, we encourage people to love themselves, to care for themselves and to pamper themselves.Our only aim is that people get more comfortable with their bodies as they fight against the stigma and take a step to “Self Love”.