About Self Lub

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About the Company

Our company aims towards breaking the stigma attached to the menstrual and sexual well-being of women. Women, especially those who belong to poorer strata of society, are made to believe in the impurity of the menstruating body. Their sexual health is never taken into consideration. Every time, a woman silently endures her menstrual and sexual discomfort for the ingrained belief that women are born to endure these pains, patriarchy wins.  Therefore, the motto of our company is, “Women are Not Born to Endure”. Every time a woman raises her voice against the patriarchal society, addressing her sexual and menstrual well-being, and seeks out comfort for their pain, we take a step towards a society with gender parity. A society, where nobody is shamed for talking about their sexual well-being, where young boys and girls are taught to voice their bodily concern, a society where there is no stigma. These are no lofty goals. They are rather within our grasp if we all take a step towards it, for every small step counts. Our company is designed to provide products that address countless concerns related to one’s sexual and menstrual well-being. They are made from natural ingredients to stabilize our body pH. Our products are designed to keep the comfort of our users in mind. Our only aim is that people get more comfortable with their bodies as they fight against patriarchy and take a step to “Self Love”.

Our Story

In my childhood, my grandmother used to tell me myths, legends, and folklore. They were no usual bedtime stories of fairies, ghosts, and ghouls but of strong women who raised their voices at a time when they were not allowed to raise their eyes, let alone their voices. One of my favorite stories is that of Draupadi from Mahabharata. We all knew her as the wife of the Pandavas who was humiliated in the court when her husband gambled her away. This did not sit easily with me, even as a child. However, I was shocked to my core when my grandma told me how Draupadi was menstruating when Dushashan dragged her to the court. She pleaded with Dushasha, one of her brothers-in-law, who dragged her by her hair to the court. When she saw her husband stay shut when she was disrobed in a sabha full of her in-laws and courtiers. It was at that moment, that she raised her voice against all the men who avoided meeting her eyes. She knew she had nothing to be ashamed of. The people who caused her the humiliation should be ashamed of calling themselves royal. My grandmother would then wish me good night by saying, “If Draupadi can raise her voice thousands of years ago, we can too.” This stayed with me while I grew up. I saw how my grandma raised her kids to be respectful towards one’s body and individuality. She practiced gender equality and shamed no women for expressing their individuality. Therefore, this company is a salute to my grandma, Draupadi, and all the other women across space and time, who raised their voices, who spoke for their kind, who showed compassion, and who inspire so many people around the world daily.

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